What does BeachGlow mean to you?

BeachGlow is a charity-based organization that relies heavily on volunteers. Each year we have a brand ambassador program made up of college students with the goal to promote BeachGlow both in person and online. This year we reached out to our ambassadors to hear what they had to say about their experience and how BeachGlow has impacted them. Here's what they had to say:

To me, BeachGlow is more than just a music festival, or even a charity event. It's a movement and a stepping stone in the fight for creativity. It makes me feel good to know that there are people out there who care enough about music education in schools to bring people together through that common love, allowing kids the opportunity to grow up with music the way I did. I'm just grateful that I was given the opportunity to contribute to the good that BeachGlow is doing.

- Diona Akens, Kutztown University

BeachGlow is the perfect representation of what it means to take a bad situation and turn it into something beautiful. It gives me hope and validation that it truly does take only one person to create something bigger than themselves for the benefit of the world around them. What a beautiful thing it is that people from all over the world can come together, in pure love and appreciation of music, and give back to change the world. No matter how small, we can all make a difference if we join together with one shared goal, while at the same time celebrating and enjoying something we're all passionate about. I guess that's the true power of music.

- Laura Hoban, West Chester University

To me, BeachGlow means endless opportunities. BeachGlow gives festival goers and music lovers an unforgettable show with fun, good vibes, positive energy, and heart-pounding, bass-dropping music. Whereas BeachGlow grants leisure opportunity for some, it also grants educational opportunity to underprivileged, school-aged children. BeachGlow allows people of all generations, whether they're benefitting from Little Kids Rock or not, to explore the world of music and make memories that will last a lifetime.

- Kelly Lynch, Gwynedd-Mercy University

I think BeachGlow is drastically different from other music festivals because by attending, you not only have an amazing time, but you also help out a great cause, Little Kids Rock. I love music, dancing, and the sun, and what better way to incorporate all three than at BeachGlow. The times I've attended, I've had the best time of my life.

- Ana Loayza, Rutgers University

BeachGlow is a community, bringing together a group of people who want to make a difference. It allows us to enjoy what we love while helping so many people.

- Ilana Multak, Penn State

BeachGlow is a one-of-a-kind festival. Through all the sweat and adrenaline, there's really a greater "Glow" that resonates from the energy of being in an area with thousands of others who harbor the same sensations you do. You feel on top of the world. But what originally drew me to BeachGlow was its ambition and message. When you get the opportunity to engage in an event where you feel good and can do good helping the lives of others in an impactful way, the experience is just all that more meaningful. Music is a universal language. It speaks to almost everyone in some significant way, and is a more powerful tool than we can even fathom. If we stand together for a cause, we can eradicate injustices in the world and innovate the future.

- Ashley Avicolli, University of Miami

BeachGlow has a definition. BeachGlow is when people gather at one place and have the opportunity to show excitement, energy, and fun at an event where we listen to great music and help donate money to organizations that need help.

- Tim Dischert, Bucks County Community College/Temple University

I was asked what BeachGlow meant to me, and at first, all I could picture was the music, the lights, the beach, all wrapped up in one. Then I thought a little deeper. BeachGlow is a chance to promote an organization that creates school music programs for underprivileged kids, while turning a regular summer weekend into a life-changing one; possibly turning strangers into family, and most importantly, for no matter how brief, forgetting the negative vibes in the world and only focusing on the positive ones.

- Thomas Murray, John Jay College

As a festival-goer, BeachGlow means a lot to me because it throws a big festival, and doesn't give the money all to the DJs nor to the staff, but to a good cause benefitting today's youth, and that's why I wanted to be a part of it!

- Joseph Alves, Montgomery Community College

I went to my first music festival in 2015, where I was introduced to a beautiful culture that revolves around peace, love, unity, and respect, otherwise known as PLUR. BeachGlow is the perfect example of what music festivals are all about - spreading positivity and giving back through the power of love and music. Combining a good setting, with good music and good people along for an even greater cause...it doesn't get much better than that.

-Marcella Solha, Union County College

BeachGlow is more than just a concert to me. Music brings people together and BeachGlow does this so perfectly, through the music and the cause. It's a charity event, but at the same time brings in top tier artists to perform.

- Douglas MacMaster, Temple University

For me, BeachGlow means more than a weekend of great music with friends. BeachGlow gives you the opportunity to not only listen to and see some of your favorite artists. It also gives you the chance to help others by enjoying yourself. What's better than that? I love the fact that BeachGlow is a concert for charity. You honestly don't hear of many organizations doing anything like that anymore. I am proud to be a part of this and I can't wait to share this with all my friends.

- Gwendolyn OConnor, DCCC

BeachGlow was an unforgettable weekend for me. Hands down my favorite part is how the money raised from sales goes back to kids and music programs. BeachGlow gives us a great weekend that provides us the opportunity to give back to the kids.

- Donovan Ross, University of Toledo

Concerts are one thing. BeachGlow is on another level. When there's a purpose for something as fun as a concert, and you know that being at that concert is benefitting someone else, then it's priceless. BeachGlow took the two things I love - the beach and concerts - and combined them to also benefit charity. The atmosphere is unlike any other.

- Marinelle Zarraga, University of Delaware

BeachGlow is amazing. BeachGlow is about raising money for charities, but also keeping festival goers happy and safe.

- Valerie Vu, Drexel University

Being a part of an event that's exciting and yet gives back to children is a very rewarding experience. The children are our future and what better way to support them than to party while giving back? With BeachGlow we can make major changes with the power of music!

- Keiyanna Wright, Delaware State University

BeachGlow is a beautiful music celebration. This event not only ensures a great time, but builds everlasting memories. It is a place to forget all your worries, make new friends, and get lost in the music.

- Andi Mayer, College of William & Mary

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