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Music is a universal language

It speaks to us all. It touches us all. It reaches us all. It knows no bounds. Music is as diverse as the world we live in – something we must celebrate and encourage, and something we must grow with. As it evolves with technology, we must recognize, appreciate, and invest in this contemporary creative expression that will allow tomorrow’s artists to contribute to society in a meaningful way.

BeachGlow: Concerts for Charity will use the power of contemporary music to inspire and motivate the future generation of patrons to support the advancement of music – and other arts – in the Philadelphia region. To do so, it will provide a platform to feature new or up-and- coming local talent; advocate the importance of keeping the arts in educational curriculum; help supply the tools needed to make an arts education and enjoyment accessible to all.

Let’s work together to spread the glow all over Philadelphia. Your support will enable BeachGlow to create the lasting gift of music and art education to Philadelphia. Donate today!